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Open the NRCS soil survey page

bullet    On the left side of the page is a set of "Quick Navigation" links.  Enter an address, or simple a state and county - then click view
bullet    You must now define an area of interest (AOI) on the Area of Interest Interactive Map.  To do this, select either the rectangle or       polygon AOI tool using the buttons above the map. 
bullet    Once you have defined an AOI (an area with hash-marks will appear over the AOI on the map) go to the tabs near the top of the page and select "Soil Map."
bullet    You will get a map with soil classifications on the right side of the screen and a legend showing each classification on the left.
bullet    Click on any map unit name in the legend and get a more detailed description
bullet    Click on the "Soil Data Explorer" tab near the top of the page and get even more information.
bullet    Explore!



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